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Release Date : Sep 26 , 2013

Boson X is a fast-paced rotational runner by Mu & Heyo. "a brilliant, twitchy arcade masterpiece that pulsates with originality and heart" - Pocket Gamer, 9/10 "a massively unique take on the endless runner genre" - Gamezebo, 4.5/5 "an amazingly compelling game" - Touch Arcade, 5/5 "You have to learn the rules of the game.

And then you have to play better than anyone else." - Albert Einstein Quantum jump from Planck to Planck as you build up speed inside an enormous particle accelerator and generate high-energy collisions to discover strange new particles.

Use precise timing and fast reflexes to navigate a hazardous subatomic world where floors and ceilings don't exist.

Will you be fast enough to find the elusive Boson X? This game contains no in-app purchases, superfluous power-ups, coins or XP systems - just deadly serious scientific research. iPhone 3GS or newer recommended. ... (read more)





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