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Release Date : Sep 24 , 2013

Remember the classic Mastermind™ game from the Seventies? Now it's available with the sleek iOS 7 design. Mastermind™ is a code-breaking game.

You play against the computer and have ten tries to guess a hidden color code.

After each try, you get a hint to see how many colors you have correct.

Can you crack the code? Are you a code breaker? Are you a master mind? Beware.

The game is highly addictive.

You can play it for hours on end, trying to break the code. ----------------------------------------------------------- Mastermind™ is a classic puzzle game from the Seventies.

The goal is to guess the hidden color combinations / code.

Your opponent (iPhone, iPad or iPod) creates a combination of up to four colors and hides them at the top of the game board.

Your task is to try out different color combinations until you match the hidden code. The challenge is to pick the correct color code as quickly as possible — in other words, to see how fast you can guess the hidden color combination, become a master mind and get on the high score list! ... (read more)





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