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Release Date : Oct 02 , 2013

Black Ops is a First Person Shooter game in Minecraft style maps.

It is similar to the Half-Life game in the PC, but you can play it in the block world.

This game contains many weapons, such as Desert Eagle, L96A1, Sa58V, HK416, PP19Bizon and many many others.

Of course, it also contains AK-47! Choose weapons, start the battle, and kill the enemies now! Game features: -- Both supports iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. -- Lots of guns and weapons, all of them are pixel style. -- Provide fully interface of FPS games :

aim, sneak, switch weapons, jump, and shooting when rotating. -- Provide two small maps, a medium map, a big map, and an extremely large map.

And more maps will provided in future updates. -- You can select the difficulty of each map.

And also in each map, you can set how many enemies will be spawned in this map. -- Game provides a smart AI of the enemies, you can choose the difficulty of the enemies.

Clever AI brings more fun in the game. -- Contains bullet hole system and blood splash system.

Increases the authenticity of the game. -- Greate sound effect.

Each weapon has its own shoot effect. -- Integrated with Game Center, challenge other players all over the world. -- More and more maps are coming in the future updates. ... (read more)





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